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Supervised Virtual Study Center

We are hosting a Supervised Virtual Study Center for 1st-5th grade students. The Center will be open Mondays from 10 am to 1 pm. Students are to bring their laptops or other personal study aids for use while distance learning. We will be following COVID-19 protocol; social distancing, checking temperature, requiring masks while not in seat, frequent hand washing, etc. 

To Register, Click Here to down load the application form and then send us an email for class availability. Someone will call you within 24 hours.

Want to volunteer to help? Email us and we will call you. A background check will be required. We would like to expand our offerings and times but need help - even one session a month will help give others a break!

Registration email for Class:

Thanks for submitting!

Supervised Virtual Study Class:

Parents/Guardians need a break? Do the kids need a break from you? We are offering a place for you to bring your 1st-5th grader for Virtual study while following COVID-19 Guidelines. Click Here for information.

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